Low cost and lightweight this simple fleece top is great value for money and a good choice for carrying in warm weather just in caseIt’s made from microfleece with a fluffy outside and a smooth inside – it would probably be warmer if it was the other way round. The only features are a high, warm collar, a half-length zip for ventilation and a chest pocket suitable for compass, phone and other small items.

The material is very comfortable and quite stretchy so it moves with you easily. The sleeves are on the short side though and I found them riding up when I stretched – and I don’t have long arms. In cold weather I’d want gloves with long cuffs to wear with this top.

It’s not windproof in the slightest of course and only suitable as an outer layer in still conditions. In severe cold it would need combining with another mid layer but for much of the year it could be all that’s needed.


Reviewed in November 2015 issue