This is made from jersey knit wool with a smooth inner and a slightly raised outer. This fabric is soft and feels comfortable next to the skin – it could be worn as a base layer in cold weather. It’s quite stretchy too, allowing good freedom of movement. The warmth is similar to a lightweight synthetic fleece. However I think the temperature range over which it’s comfortable is greater, especially when worn over a thinner merino layer. The pullover design is very simple with just a snug high collar and a zip at the neck. Like other merino wool it should be wearable for long periods without it smelling. It’s excellent as a mid layer in cold weather and although it absorbs more moisture than most synthetic fleeces it’s also warmer when damp. It dries quite quickly too. The weight is comparable with other fleeces with the same warmth. The price is quite high for a simple garment but that’s always the case for merino wool.