These are almost a good pair of hiking boots. The lining is comfortable, the lambswool insole is undoubtedly warm, they are lightweight, the Vibram Ushba sole is aggressive, and they are supportive – but (and it’s a big but) on the pair I sampled, the forefoot flex was in the wrong place, making them very uncomfortable. I think it is probably down to the large size of my feet, but the boots I tested bent directly across the bone. A friend with the same size feet had the same issue with them. No other boots in this review had this problem. The sensible thing is to try them on, and if it’s not an issue they are worth considering for three-season walking given the price – you do get a lot for your money with Anatom.

If you do try them with winter walking in mind, bear in mind that there’s also quite a lot of flex, which isn’t ideal for crampons, and that I couldn’t attach my Edelrid Shark crampons around the wide heel (the Black Diamond crampons with a plastic strap were fine). Again, if they fit well, they are worth considering, but they’re not for me

First published: Jan 2014