The Astro 300-R takes an entry-level position in Black Diamond’s new range. It looks like a slimmed-down version of the Storm 500-R, and shares much of the same design: similar strap, same hinge, same battery charging method, many similar features. However, for just over half the price you only get a single LED and a smaller battery. That means no red mode, no spot beam, less brightness and lower battery life. It is, however, noticeably lighter; and the simpler controls make it easier to use. It’s a high-quality unit at this price.

I think that the Astro 300-R is a great torch for 90% of the scenarios most walkers will ever need. You get great battery life at the lowest setting, and a very competitive 12 hours at 150 lumens, which is just about enough for comfortable night walking. If you can live without red mode and a super-bright boost, this is an excellent, well-made, competitively priced option for three-season backpacking. I found the Astro-R great as a general hillwalking head torch – fine for use around camp, in huts and the occasional bit of night walking. I’d pack something beefier if I expected to need a torch for long periods on big mountains, but it’s fine for getting yourself off the hill if unexpectedly benighted.

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