Judy Armstrong gives her take on Asolo’s Messitas

Asolo Mesita is unusual compared to most hiking boots: it is very lightweight with a sprayed-on-the-feet fit: literally, like a glove. They are slim-line in every sense: in looks and feel, with a sole unit that makes me feel connected to the ground. It’s not so thin that I feel rocks through it, but it’s so light and flexible, it’s like wearing super-sturdy hut slippers. The upper combines ripstop fabric with suede reinforcing points (sides, lace anchors, heel) and a rubberised front rand and heel box. Tongue and cuff are fabric: soft, flexible, comfortable, with a low dip at the back. Laces run through metal eyelets and are fluid and easy to adjust, with a fabric loop to anchor the heel, below two ankle hooks. Fit on these needs to be perfect, because the boot will flex directly in front of the suede lacing platform (the soft fabric is very flexible, the suede is not, so it naturally flexes at the point of least resistance which is the fabric joint). Because of the sucked-on feel this is a fabulous boot for scrambling (despite little lateral rigidity), fast hill work and any level of hiking in dry weather. On mud or wet ground, though, the heel’s rounded lugs and sloping edges afford less grip than on bigger boots and the tread overall clogs easily with mud. For dexterity and fast-moving fun, these are the business, but I left them at home when dirt turned to mud.