Our review of the Alpkit Cloud Peak 300

If you are looking for an alternative to goose down (for ethical reasons perhaps), the Alpkit Cloud Peak 300 is a good choice because of the synthetic fill.

The Alpkit polyester-based insulation also goes some way to being eco-friendly with a 35% recycled content. In addition, the outer fabric is treated with a PFC-free water repellency to ensure greater damp resistance.

Other plus points include the roomy width and length, a big hood with cosy neck baffle and a thick zip baffle.

However, there is no denying the heavier weight of the bag compared to others I’ve tested. If you add the 139g stuff sack, the combined weight is close to 1.5kg.

That weight translates into the sleeping experience too – synthetic fabrics aren’t as light and usually don’t breathe as well as down. However, it does score well on the warmth-to-price ratio.

It’s well-made, with a comfort rating of -4C for a shade over £100, which is impressive. If you’re camping in damp or wet conditions, the synthetic insulation will work harder for longer to keep you warm.

It’s also machine washable and if you are camping in the UK, where it can often be wet and muddy, that’s a bonus. For those on a budget or who doesn’t want to have down fill, this is a bag well worth considering. 

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