Introducing The Great Outdoors Blogger Network
There’s nothing like relaxing with an outdoor magazine – say, the latest issue of The Great Outdoors – if you’re in the mood to read about backpacking adventures or catch up on expert reviews of the latest gear. But over the last 10-15 years a new and informal kind of outdoor writing has emerged, posted on individual blogs and shared via social media. Some of these bloggers have, in time, started to make a living from their stories as their writing skills have developed, and many TGO contributors are current or former outdoor bloggers. Blogs about the TGO Challenge almost make up a separate category in their own right.
We want to showcase the best online writing on the subjects of backpacking, hillwalking and the outdoors. With that goal in mind, we have launched The Great Outdoors Blogger Network – a curated A-Z list of the best outdoor blogs likely to be of interest for TGO readers.
In addition to the blog listings, we’ll be selecting a few new posts worthy of note each week and sharing them on our social channels.

How to be listed

If you would like your blog to be listed, please email the Online Editor with the following details:

  1. Your name and blog name
  2. A picture or icon representing you or your blog, dimensions 400×400 pixels
  3. A brief description of your blog
  4. The URL
  5. Why we should consider you for inclusion


There are no strict rules for inclusion, but we are keen to keep this a quality list. That means we’ll be considering applicants carefully and cannot include everyone who applies. As a rule of thumb, if your blog is updated frequently with interesting, useful (or maybe just funny) material that our readers will enjoy, you’ll have a higher chance of being included. Authenticity is important too!