Intending users of bothies maintained by the Mountain Bothies Assocation should be aware that maintenance work will be taking place at a number of bothies over the April- June period.
The organisation has announced that there will be restrictions on use at some, but not all, of the bothies under repair and that visitors intending to stay overnight should be prepared to camp while the maintenance takes place.
At present, work parties are planned at the following bothies:

  • Greensykes, 1-3 April;
  • Rowchoise, 2-3 April;
  • Gorton, 8-10 April;
  • Suileag, 11-13 April;
  • Warnscale Head, 13-15 April;
  • Tomsleibhe, 16 April-1 May (re-roofing so bothy will be unavailable);
  • Strathchailleach, 22-26 April;
  • Brattleburn, 23-24 April;
  • Haughtongreen, 30 April-2 May;
  • The Schoolhouse, 14-15 May;
  • Kearvaig, 3-6 June.
  • The bothy at Over Phawhope is also to be re-roofed with the work taking place either during the last week in April or the first week in May; accommodation at this bothy will be very limited while this work is taking place.

Running updates on the closures will be posted on the Association’s website
Image: Ettrick valley, on the route of the Southern Upland Way by Neil Stewart/MBA.