Art Rangers collect photography inspired by National Parks, then donate the proceeds from sales back to conserving them. Here are ten of their top images
By Oscar Nilsson, Co-Founder of Art Rangers
The U.S. National Parks were established from the dream of having natural spaces for everyone to enjoy. Since they were established they’ve always been there for us, all 84 million acres of them. They have been refuges and sanctuaries, playgrounds, and classrooms for millions of people from all over the world. They are also an endless source of inspiration for artists out there — it’s hard to imagine a world without them.
However, there are not enough public funds to keep pace, and today too many of our parks are in disrepair. Luckily, we can all help. Art Rangers is a chance for everyone, from artists to nature enthusiasts, to give back to the places that have given us so much.

Artistic renderings of places like Old Faithful were what originally inspired people to preserve our country’s treasures

Art Rangers is a platform where you can purchase prints from over 80 artists that have donated so far, and 100% of all proceeds go straight back towards protecting those parks through our official beneficiary the National Park Foundation. We believe in supporting the National Parks by showing their vast beauty and proving the value of having them around for future generations to enjoy as well. The way we see it, there’s now a way to purchase a beautiful art piece while knowing that you’re also helping to preserve the subject of that art piece.
“Art and parks go hand in hand, so we’re thrilled about this new partnership with The Art Rangers,” said Alanna Sobel, senior manager of communications at the National Park Foundation. “Artistic renderings of places like Old Faithful were what originally inspired people to preserve our country’s treasures as National Parks more than a century ago. Still today, art has that powerful effect on people.”
We also allow artists to donate their own images of the U.S. national parks through our website, and by doing so, they also have the chance to win a camera kit from our sponsor Sony worth $3,646 (until February 2018.)

Ten of the best images from Art Rangers

1. Death Valley National Park by Jörn Schewski (Instagram: @blackdoc_44)

© Jörn Schewski

“The photo was taken early in the morning in the Death Valley at the 20 Mule Team Canyon just after sunrise, the upcoming sun bathing the landscape in a ‘sea of colours and contrasts’ which cannot be seen during the daylight, including goose bumps in the morning.”– Jörn Schewski

2. Yosemite National Park by Morgan Phillips (Instagram: @morganphillips)

© Morgan Phillips

“Hiking to Taft Point is short and sweet. The payoff is huge for the minimal effort. That being said, the luck of catching a bird flying at the same time was something I couldn’t predict.” – Morgan Phillips

3. Yosemite National Park by Jeff Brenner (Instagram: @jeff.n.brenner)

© Jeff Brenner

“I was crouched down, photographing this guy about 25ft away in one of the meadows in Yosemite National Park, when the sound of the shutter piqued his interest. This Mule Deer buck walked up, stood over me, and just stared into my lens. I just sat there, taking photo after photo, but at the same time just looking at him and taking in the moment. There was no aggression. There was no threat. Just two living beings looking at one another. After a few minutes, he walked away and that was it.” – Jeff Brenner

4. Glacier National Park by Greg Wyatt (Instagram: @nationalparkgallery)

© Greg Wyatt

“I wanted to get a view from outside the park looking in at the peaks. I ended up at this spot and the alpenglow was just perfect that evening.” – Greg Wyatt

5. Joshua Tree National Park by John Randolph Thatcher (Instagram: @johnrandolphhh)

© John Randolph Thatcher

“Driving through Joshua Tree with the love of my life. There’s nothing better than seeing beauty inside of the car, as well as outside.” – John Randolph Thatcher

6. Zion National Park by Rex Jones (Instagram: @rexjonesphoto)

© Rex Jones

“Zion covered in snow truly is an incredible sight. I wish everybody could experience the view in person because of how undeniably beautiful the park is! The element of ice and snow just takes the wow factor through the roof!” – Rex Jones

7. Yellowstone National Park by Jon G Albert (Instagram: @alefpet)

© Jon G Albert

“This image of bison bull was taken at dawn in the Lamar Valley of Yellowstone National Park. It was so cold that November morning that the bison’s breath froze on its face.” – Jon G Albert

8. Olympic National Park by Nitish Kumar Meena (Instagram: @nitishq)

© Nitish Kumar Meena

“This sunset was straight out of a fairytale. Sunlight bursting through the trees along the Pacific Coast and turning everything in sight to gold. Now going through the photographs and wishing to turn back the time.” – Nitish Kumar Meena

9. Header image: Grand Canyon National Park by Karl Ndieli (Instagram: @karl_shakur)

© Karl Ndieli

“The immense scale of the Grand Canyon makes my worries seem insignificant.” – Karl Ndieli

10. Denali National Park by Trey Amick (Instagram: @treya_photo)

© Trey Amick

“Sunrise is a beautiful time in Denali. With poor weather during most of the time on the last visit, I wanted to take advantage on a sunny morning. I was able to get to a good vantage point right as the sun crested the ridge.” – Trey Amick

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