Tune in to a unique documentary about Spencer, an autistic man whose life has been transformed by hillwalking in Snowdonia.

Tuesday, 26 March

BBC One Wales, 10.35pm

‘My Autistic Big Brother & Me’ is the story of Mikey Kay’s autistic 47-year-old brother Spencer, a powerhouse of energy, who finds his peace in epic walks across the majestic, rugged terrain of Snowdonia. Mikey has followed and filmed his brother’s remarkable story over three years.

Although Spencer struggles with everyday tasks – and is unable to wash, dress or cook for himself – in the mountains of Snowdonia, or beaches of Anglesey, he becomes unstoppable. He walks further and faster in all weathers, outpacing those who accompany him.

The film reflects Spencer’s younger years when society had a very different attitude to people with autism. The threat of institutionalisation loomed over him and his family.

Mikey, a former RAF pilot turned journalist, reveals how family, friends and carers fought to secure Spencer’s ability to stay home with those he loved and his fundamental freedom to enjoy his walks, his favourite thing in life.

Their mum Nicola devoted her life to Spencer, caring for his every need, day and night. Her unwavering devotion to her son continued to the very end – it’s a commitment now taken on by Mikey and his sister Charlotte, for the big brother they love and adore.

‘My Autistic Big Brother & Me’ will be shown at 10.35pm on Tuesday, 26 March, BBC One Wales.