The Great Outdoors team were extremely sad to hear of the death this week of mountaineers Andy Nisbet and Steve Perry.

The two highly accomplished climbers were killed together on Ben Hope, the most northerly of the Munros.

As long-term readers of the magazine will recall, Steve’s walking achievements have featured in the magazine on several occasions over the years, particularly in 2005-2006 when he completed the first continuous winter Munros round on foot. Prior to that, he had completed a walk from Land’s End to John O’Groats, climbing all of the 3000-foot mountains on the mainland. In May 2006 he also walked the TGO Challenge.

In recent years, Steve had become a passionate winter climber, often climbing in partnership with Andy Nisbet, a man with phenomenal winter experience, perhaps more than anyone else in Scotland.  Mountaineer and Mountain Rescue stalwart Dave ‘Heavy’ Whalley described Andy as “the most active, prolific mountaineer that Scotland has ever produced”.

Writing on Twitter, TGO’s former editor, Cameron McNeish described both men as “gargantuan and inspiring figures in Scotland’s mountaineering scene.”

We will be publishing a tribute to Andy and Steve in the next issue of The Great Outdoors.


Photograph of Steve Perry at the end of his winter Munros round courtesy of Chris Townsend