For our first Blogger Network featured post of 2018, Judith takes her tarp camping in the snow
Using a tarp is an esoteric skill, one that can bring the backpacker great satisfaction as they use a lightweight, adaptable and versatile shelter. But while there’s a perception that tarps are only suitable for lowland use in warm weather, more advanced users have pushed the capabilities of tarps into winter.
Judith is a hillwalker, backpacker and TGO Challenger who runs the blog Around the Hills. In her latest post she tells the story of a Peak District midwinter tarping mission. Using a flat tarp like the Alpkit Rig 7 can be a challenge in winter with snowfall and changing wind direction. And the Pennine Way looks a bit different under heavy snow cover, too…
After about an hour, my walking pole handle was completely covered and all of the footprints and disturbances I’d made in the snow were covered and evened out. It was very pretty but also a little disconcerting as I realised the climb back up the snowy hill could be a little more demanding than I’d expected.
Lying in my sleeping bag eating my breakfast I developed a whole-body-wriggle which flicked the settling snow off the tarp. It was falling heavily though and I could see the patterns against the light.
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