The lightest bivy bag on test

The Moonlite Bag Cover is the lightest bivi bag tested and has a tiny packed size, making it ideal for ultralight backpackers as well as for carrying just in case it’s needed and for using under a tarp or in a tent or bothy.

It’s sleeping bag shaped with a circular foot piece and a large drawcord closed hood. The internal space is quite small. A standard length winter weight sleeping bag will just fi t inside. The Moonlite tapers quite sharply to the foot and isn’t wide enough for a sleeping mat.

The thin fabric is best kept off the ground anyway so the mat needs to go underneath. The wide opening makes getting in and out easy. It can be reduced to a tiny hole but as with similar bags having the opening under you is the best way to keep out rain. The cordlock is at the side of the hood so you don’t lie on it when the bag is upside down.

The price is higher than for similar bivi bags but if you want a very light bag this is it.