The price is low at £200, but can the Robens Challenger 2 deliver on performance? Chris Townsend tests it out as part of his two-person tents review for the May 2021 issue of The Great Outdoors.

The Challenger 2 is a tapered two-pole tunnel tent with the door along one side rather than at the high end. This long, wide door is great for easy access, ventilation and views – but it does mean that one occupant has to move the other or clamber over them to get in or out.

It also means the door has to be closed more often than with a front opening tent to keep the weather out as far more of the inner is exposed. The porch is long but not very deep so great care is needed if cooking with the door closed. There is a zip at the lower end of the inner that gives access to a storage area for items like boots or wet waterproofs.

Pitching is easy and the tent goes up as a unit so there’s no danger of getting the inner wet in the rain. The inner is just big enough for two mats and headroom is okay unless you’re tall, though you can’t easily sit up facing the door.

The cost is low, but the weight is on the high side, which is a shame as I think this makes a better roomy solo tent than a two-person tents.