Gobi Lady

Gobi sandals are laden with selling points including triple-layer sole and padding, patented straps, odour-controlling footbed and green-dot warranty (guarantee valid while the dot is visible). The footbed is grippy when wet and dry, with positive grip patches under heel, forefoot and toes. The sole unit is rigid enough for walking over rough ground, but I find underfoot support to be insufficient. Strapping is comfortable, with hydrophobic (water repellent) straps, soft cushioning and generous lengths of Velcro tab for adjustment at forefoot and ankle. The heel loop is not adjustable but is secure and comfortable. Forefoot straps are set almost 1cm in from the sides; they secure the foot well and offer outer side protection. This inset makes the platform feel wide, but the sandal is lightweight enough to avoid loss of agility. While the forefoot is slightly tipped up for protection, it’s not enough to stop my toes and the balls of my feet feeling vulnerable. Sizes are generous. Source sandals have a fabric bag, which is handy for travelling and storage.

First published: Spring 2014