Most running or trail shoes will claim to be breathable, but it’s not often that you’re genuinely aware of a pair being so. I’ve worn the All Out Charge for a number of trail runs now and this is certainly the case – you can feel air moving through the shoe walls with each stride taken.

Of course a drawback to this is that they won’t stand up too strongly to a heavy soaking, but still, when running in light rain I haven’t had a problem.

It’s a snug shoe, kept close to the foot on all sides thanks to Merrell’s HyperWrap system (not featured with the earlier All Out Rush model) – one pull of the laces creates an evenly-spread tightening throughout. Underneath, good cushioning comes from two foam shockpads used in the midsole, and the base itself is wide with a slight rock to it.

The amount of grip provided also impressed me; 5mm lugs in sets facing differing directions do well to limit any slipping and sliding – the middle lugs even looking like they’d be at home on a rugby boot. And it isn’t a heavy shoe either, each one weighing around 283g.

Also worth noting is the long reflective strip used, the removable footbed and its production out of vegan friendly materials.

Altogether a shoe for confident running on tricky surfaces.