Walking poles need to be three things: sturdy, lightweight and comfortable

Komperdell’s are all three. These poles came to our attention during last year’s TGO Awards, narrowly missing out on a shortlist place – they are very good, but weren’t deemed as innovative as the other products they were up against (none of which were walking poles).

The first aspect I noticed when I opened them was just how amazingly light they are – only 176 grams per pole. They fold down into three parts threaded with bungee cord, and, at only 45cm in length, can fit into a bag, or a strap on the side quite easily. Once opened they almost attach themselves like a tent pole and then with a simple twist you’re ready to go with a stiff walking pole. Height adjustment is also simple with a flicklock system, much like a quick adjustment seat on a bike saddle.

One thing that is a little odd is that I almost had it as low as it could go and I’m six-foot tall. The adjustment is from 120cm to 145cm, but it’s worth trying out first. The tip isn’t sprung, which could put some people off, but was steady and doesn’t jar. This is partly due to the excellent foam grip, one of the comfiest I’ve tried.

There’s no avoiding the fact they are expensive, but it’s worth noting that Komperdell have carbon trekking poles that are £100 a pair (the Approach Vario 3 – 228g a pole).

These are the only trekking poles I’ve been using for nearly a year, , there is no hint of failing. If weight is hugely important and price not a problem, these are the ones, or consider the cheaper Komperdell too.