The Discovery is the least expensive pack tested by far. The only one under £120 in fact. It’s also the smallest pack tested with a capacity far lower than the other 65-litre packs. It’s not just the capacity that’s small either. The Discovery also has the shortest back length and is too short for me at the longest setting – there are four shoulder harness positions. If you have a short back and find most packs too long this one would be worth considering.Highlander

The flexible frame is quite supportive. There are foam shoulder blade and lumbar pads covered with mesh and two other foam pads down the sides of the back that seem unnecessary as they’re not actually in contact with the wearer’s back.

The hipbelt is wide and well-padded but not stiffened. The padded sections are also rather short and don’t cover my hipbones. If you are very thin this might be a good feature. As it is I didn’t find the pack comfortable as it just didn’t fi t me. The pack has two compartments and six external pockets so gear storage options are good. None of the pockets are very big however. There’s a compression panel on the front that could be used to hold a foam sleeping mat.

Reviewed in October 2015 issue