Chris Townsend chose these as one of his recommended buys when he reviewed 14 pairs of trail shoes

Described as a ‘relaxed travel shoe’ the Bacal II Lows are actually suitable for hillwalking as they have a sole that grips well and uppers that are more substantial than those on many shoes designed for hill use.

Unusually, rather than having synthetic sections the uppers have large panels made from a heavy duty version of Fjällräven’s G1000 polyester/cotton fabric. This can be proofed with Greenland Wax for more water resistance and better durability – something I haven’t done yet. The shoes are also lined with leather, which improved durability.

The shoes have a cemented construction that Hanwag says makes them easy to resole. Like the Aku Nuvola the two-tone midsole doesn’t wrap around the upper, giving the shoes a more conventional appearance. The cork footbeds are quite supportive, though not as good as Anatom’s.

The fit is quite roomy at the forefoot – Hanwag says they have an assymetric toe box to allow more space for the toes – and I find the shoes comfortable.

The price is high but so is the quality. For anyone who likes more conventional-looking walking shoes, these would be a good choice.

Reviewed in August 2015 issue