This minimalist pack is ultralight and distinctive looking. It’s comfortable with loads up to 15kg but any more than that and the fairly thin hipbelt, which has no stiffening, starts to press rather hard against the hips. If you have bulky but not too heavy gear it’s certainly roomy enough for a winter load but it’s not a pack for a really heavy load. The back system is basic – just two frame bars in padded sleeves – but it does support the load.

There’s only one back length, which just fits me. The pack is made from a laminated ripstop fabric that feels rather crisp and papery but is actually very tough. It’s white with grey reinforcing threads which gives the pack a rather startling look and which will probably make it almost invisible against snow.

There’s one compartment with access only via the rollover top so care is needed to ensure items you might need during the day are towards the top. The front pocket is roomy.

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Reviewed in October 2015 issue