A lightweight pack suitable for heavy loads

Suitable for loads of 18kg+, the Rose 65 has a substantial harness with thick shoulder straps and a wide, thick stiffened hipbelt. There are two back lengths and the position of the shoulder straps can be adjusted by sliding them up and down the frame bars. The shoulder straps extend right down the back of the pack, providing good cushioning for the back while the gap between them allows some airflow to reduce sweat build-up. The pack fits quite closely and stability is good.

The pack only has one compartment but the front panel is zipped so there’s good access. The U-shaped zip means you can just open the bottom to access items. This shape also reduces the chance of rain getting through the zip, which is protected by a wide flap. The pockets are roomy, especially the front bellows one, which will easily take a tent. There are no hipbelt pockets though.

This is at the lighter end for packs this size that can handle heavy loads.