The RAB Neutrino 600 offers extra features and usability that are worth their weight in some winter conditions, says Peter Macfarlane.

The RAB Neutrino 600 has a comfort limit of -12°C, making it a bag you can use into winter in the right conditions. With that performance comes a wee bit of extra weight but there are features and comfort to match.

The shape is tapered mummy with a wide upper body that only tapers slightly to my knees and then cuts in closer to my feet. This is very comfortable to sleep in with very natural limb movement possible, but still with a well-shaped and non-restrictive footbox.

The hood is of average size for the group in this review and is internally adjustable separately for above- and below-the-face opening.

There is a big adjustable shoulder baffle which has extra shaping to help seal around your neck without adding extra pressure from the drawcords. The main zip is one of the least snaggy in the review and is easily operated from within the bag.

The slightly relaxed cut allows for easier sitting up inside a tent for camp convenience and contributes to the Neutrino being a very usable bag, which can be important when on longer trips where multiple nights are spent in your sleeping bag.

The shell fabric has decent water repellency and the down fill itself is Nikwax-treated for additional water repellency. 

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