The ACT Lite is a tall, narrow pack with twin compartments. The harness is substantial with thick, padded shoulder straps and a wide, shaped, stiffened and well-padded hipbelt. It will easily handle 18-20kg if you can fi t that much inside. There’s only one size but the shoulder harness can be moved up and down to adjust the fi t. The frame length is fi ne for me but wouldn’t suit anyone with a much shorter or longer back (my back measures 49.5cm). The fabric and components feel quite tough and should last well. Some people may like two compartments but I don’t find them necessary in a pack this size, especially as it means a smaller stretch front pouch. I’d much rather this was longer and there was no lower compartment. The pouch is useful, though, as is the large lid pocket. If it fi ts, the ACT Lite is an okay pack at a good price. However there are lighter alternatives with, for me, more useful features so it wouldn’t be my fi rst choice.