These are the only boots tested I’m happy to wear in summer! That’s because they don’t have a waterproof/breathable membrane and have mesh panels, making them breathable and cool in the heat. They’re also lightweight and very flexible and feel more like trail shoes with high ankles than traditional walking boots. They’re not waterproof of course but in warm weather that’s not a problem. I’d rather have cool, wet feet than hot, sweaty ones. The boots do have foam padding round the ankles and in the tongue but this isn’t enough to make them hot.

The boots fit me well as the forefoot is roomy and the ankle quite narrow. The lacing pulls the boots in well round the feet too so there’s no heel lift. The sole is curved for a rocker effect and the toe and heel are quite hard. Cushioning is good under the heel but a little thin under the forefoot – stones can be felt. The outsole grips well but the lugs are quite shallow so it probably won’t last as well as deeper treads.

The Mcleods are only available through the Mountain Warehouse stores and website. The regular price is a very low £40 but they’re currently available for £20, which makes them even more of a bargain. 

First published: Sept 2014