Many base layers can be worn as standalone garments in warm weather. This string vest isn’t suitable for that! It’s underwear not a T-shirt. However it is very efficient at wicking moisture because it’s made from polypropylene, the fastest wicking synthetic, and consists more of holes than fabric. These spaces between the ‘string’ also trap warm air, making it amazingly warm worn under just a thin base layer. The garment is quite stretchy and clings to the body without restricting movement. I wore the top for two days ski touring and igloo building, both arduous pursuits during which I sweated a great deal, and although the garment worn over it became damp it stayed dry.

hose two days did show up the big disadvantage of the top and that is that after such hard usage it stinks. I have since only used it for day trips. It can be washed at 60ºC, which so far has removed the smell. For long trips Brynje also makes an 80 per cent merino wool mesh top, the Classic Original.