The 66 North Langjokull gloves are very warm, the warmest of the synthetic insulated ones that I’ve tested recently, as you might expect from an Icelandic company. The synthetic insulation is thicker than on the other gloves and the Langjokull gloves are quite bulky, which means that dexterity is minimal. They are very comfortable to wear, though, and the fleece lining feels instantly warm. The leather on the palm and fingers gives good grip and should prove durable. The cuffs aren’t adjustable, which is disappointing.

They aren’t very close-fitting, and it would be useful to be able to cinch them really tight to keep out wind and snow. No leashes are provided – and I think they’re essential given how thick the gloves are – but these could be attached to the labels inside the cuffs. It would have to be extremely cold before I would need to wear these gloves for long, but those who suffer with cold hands may disagree. I think they’re excellent to carry for when your hands get cold at stops from tasks that can only be done with thin gloves. 

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