The Swedish brand announces two new technical backpack collections for men and women

Thule has long made bags for the outdoors, but it was relatively late delving into the technical backpacking category, making its first foray as recently as last March with the Thule Capstone and Thule Guidepost. But the brand arrived with success, the Guidepost in particular gaining plenty of plaudits. So of course Thule isn’t stopping there.

The Thule Versant (above) collection – announced this September – is designed specifically for multi-day backpacking, coming in gender specific 70, 60 or 50-litre models. Each version has back padding with 15cm of adjustment and there’s 12cm on the hipbelt as well. This can be further customised, coming with three pockets that can be added or removed.  Interestingly, each size comes with a rain sheet that will only cover 3/4 of the bag’s front – according to Thule this is to allow for greater accessibility.

The Stirs (above), cater for shorter journeys, offering smaller, minimalist designs. There’s a gender specific 35-litre model and universal 20 and 15-litre options, each one supposedly made to offer simplicity and comfort. They all feature lids designed for quick access, and the 35 and 20-litre models both come with a stretch pocket on the shoulder strap that’s big enough for a phone.

Both the Versant and Stir collections will be available from February 2016.