No one wants a squashed sandwich or cold tea on the mountain. Here’s a look at some accesories, and a rather clever picnic blanket…

[1] Sigg Alu Box Maxi
This tough aluminium box is big enough to fit lunch in for two (22.5cm x 14.5 x 8cm), has a good snap seal (there aren’t going to be any leaks) and only weighs 340g.
[2] Sigg Hot & Cold 0.3L
A nice touch on this slim and sturdy vacuum-insulated bottle is a removable tea filter – maybe for your nettles en route. It keeps water hot (or cold) for several hours and also comes in a half-litre size.
[3] Primus Winter Gas
The award-winning Primus Winter Gas (Highly Commended in the TGO Awards) has a clever piece of design in the canister that allows it to be used efficiently in very low temperatures. There’s a Vapormesh inner that absorbs liquid gas, makes a wider surface area and dispenses fuel more efficiently.
230g £6.75, 450g £10,
[4] MSR Titan Kettle
This is one for us ultralighters. This titanium kettle weighs a mere 124g and has proved robust over the years, but comes at a hefty price of £50.
[5] Primus Express Spider
One of our go-to stoves is the hose-mounted Express Spider (228g). The low profile means it’s stable in the wind and it’s been very hardwearing.
£52 (Spider II),
[6] Gigsak blanket
A technical picnic blanket? That’s what this is. The Gigsak can be turned from a picnic blanket into a survival shelter. Not one for backpacking (910g), but for bimbles around the Lakes it’s perfect.