The Derbyshire-based brand releases a new ultralight model… that’s supposedly lighter than a loaf of bread!

Newly released by Terra Nova is the Solar Ultra 2, a two-person tent designed for mountain marathon runners or short distance backpackers. It weighs only 772g.
Terra Nova says that Solar Ultra 2’s remarkably low weight can be attributed to its factory bonded seams and its use of a thin but durable Ultra fabric. It’s supposedly quick and easy to assemble as well, the brand claims that it requires no more than five minutes.
The tent is pitched inner first, but there’s also an option to use the tent without an inner at all – essentially tarp-style. This is thanks to Terra Nova’s FastPack system, which involves a “footprint” ground sheet that has locations to attach the poles that hold up the fly sheet.
“It is more than a decade since we launched the first sub 1kg tent which secured us a Guinness World Record for the lightest tent in the world,” said Terra Nova Equipment spokesperson Carolyn Budding.
“Now, the pioneering use of bonded seams in our ultra-light tents ensures durability and strength without adding weight, which means this two person tent is lighter than our original world-record breaking single person model.”
The Solar Ultra 2 is now available in the UK, but it comes at quite a price, retailing at around £1,200.