We’ve reorganised our weather forecast pages. Here’s why and how

For the last few months, we’ve offered a weekly weather bulletin covering the weekend, updated every Thursday night. This was in addition to a static page containing links to Mountain Weather Information Service (MWIS) and Met Office mountain weather forecasts.
Today, we’re simplifying and improving the information we offer online.
We’ll no longer be offering a curated weekly summary of the mountain weather. Why? Simple – our data showed that most people just clicked straight through to the relevant MWIS or Met Office page. There’s also the fact that any summary will inherently lack detail. Anyone who wants to really know what the weather’s going to be doing on the hill will need to look at a real forecast.
Instead, we have significantly improved our static mountain weather page, which is permanently available from the top navigation bar (under ‘news and weather’). In addition to the complete link listings for MWIS and Met Office, we have also added guidance and advice on how to use mountain forecasts, complete Scottish Avalanche Information Service (SAIS) avalanche forecasts, advice on avoiding avalanches, and a list of other useful links containing information on mountain conditions.
It’s our belief that this resource will be of more value for hillwalkers, backpackers and mountaineers.