Reliable off-grid power solutions for the outdoors.
This review is part of our New Brands Gear Guide.
By Chris Townsend
Once the only power walkers needed was a torch battery. Today there are many items that need power – GPS, smartphones, cameras, headlamps and more. That makes portable power important. Texenergy was set up to provide reliable portable off-grid energy sources. As well as walkers, mountaineers and other off-road travellers, Texenergy designs products for use in developing countries and during emergencies for everyone from aid workers to teachers. Texenergy says it’s committed “to exploring new ways of supporting humanitarian aid and keeping people safe and connected through technological innovation.”
Products for the outdoors include the Infinite Orbit, a charger with a hand crank. It’s quite small and while a great deal of effort is required to fully charge a power-hungry device, a couple of minutes’ cranking is enough to enable you to make a phone call or charge a headlamp for a short burst of light. The Orbit is compact and weighs 330g. It costs £85.
There are two waterproof rechargeable batteries – the 3000 mAh Tex-Flex 3 and the 10,500 mAh Tex-Flex 10. These weigh 116 and 405g and cost £36 and £95. The Tex-Flex 3 comes with a braided cable that can be threaded down a sleeve for quick use with the battery stored in a pocket or your pack. The most ambitious product is the Infinite Air, a portable wind turbine. This weighs 626g, collapses for packing, and costs £98. A portable hydroelectric version is being developed.
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