Will Renwick tests out Rohan’s wear-all-day waterproof trousers

These are interesting waterproofs. They aren’t your typical pull on overtrousers, they’re a pair that are supposed to be worn all day. They really don’t look or feel waterproof, yet the protection provided is actually very good.

The rain pants are composed of two layers of material. On the outside is a thin and tightly woven polyamide canvas that’s treated with Durable Water Repellent, and on the inside is Rohan’s proprietary Barricade membrane. This membrane is thin but is adequately protected by the outer fabric, it’s also very stretchy and it’s comfortable on the skin. I found it very impressive. In relation to most other pairs of waterproof trousers, these are high on the scale for breathability – and they need to be considering they’re designed to be worn all day. I’d be happy to wear these in cold and cool to mild conditions when on-and-off rain is highly likely.

A hardier version of these trousers is also available from Rohan: the Dry Pioneer, which I also tested out (read the review here). While I found the Dry Pioneer trousers to be useful, the outer fabric on them wasn’t quite as breathable as the canvas used with this version . I would recommend this pair over the Dry Pioneer unless you need waterproof trousers with high abrasion resistance.

These trousers have less pockets than the Dry Pioneers, only featuring two uncovered side pockets and two zipped rear pockets. The issue with the pockets on both sets of trousers – the Requisites and the Pioneers – is that they aren’t protected by the internal waterproof membrane, and as such they won’t protect anything kept inside when it is raining. Still, if water enters the pockets, it won’t be able to get through to the skin.

In terms of fit, these are quite slim, but I wouldn’t go so far as using the term ‘athletic’ as there’s still quite a bit of leg volume. There are no adjustments on the legs or on the button-up waist, but there are belt loops.