The HJ ProTrek Mountain Climb hiking socks are by far the least expensive socks reviewed and great value for money. They also have the lowest wool content, though only by 2%. They are thick and warm and best for cold weather, especially as they are quite long and so provide more warmth for the legs.

Construction is terry loop throughout except for the cuff, which is stretchy rib knit to keep the socks up. There are thicker terry loops at the toe and ankle. Areas under the arch and at the ankle are stretchy for support and to keep the socks in place.

Chris Townsend’s verdict

I found the fit to be slighltly loose but, If they fit right for you then the Mountain Climb socks are well worth considering.
  • Cost
  • Warmth
  • Need frequent washing
  • Low merino wool content
  • only 3 sizes
Quick specs
Materials39% Polypropylene 38% New Wool 22% Polyamide 1% Elastane
Sizes4-7, 6-11, 11-13
Women’s versionYes
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Like other synthetic-rich socks (62% in this case) the HJ ProTrek does matt down a little after a day’s wear and so are best washed regularly, making them more suited to day hiking than backpacking. That said, they are comfortable and wick moisture fast.

I found the fit slightly loose, though not enough to cause any discomfort. At 9 I am in the middle of the 6-11 size. I am not sure how they’d fit a size 6. Covering six shoes sizes with one sock seems ambitious. 3.5 shoe sizes are the most the other socks cover in one size but they have 4 sizes, or in the case of Darn Tough 8.

If they fit though the Mountain Climb socks are well worth considering.