INOV8 has announced updates to its popular ROCLITE range, launching new waterproof hiking footwear design inspired by the cloven hoofs of mountain goats.

By using new rubber cleats shaped like the alpine acrobat’s super-grippy hooves, the brand is hoping its 2024 ROCLITE collection “sticks it to the competition”, offering enhanced grip. The new ROCLITE GTX shoe (£140) and ROCLITE GTX MID boot (£150) will also boast a new foot-shaped design and cushioned midsole foam for added comfort over tough terrain, a more natural, anatomical fit, hugging the foot while allowing it the room it needs to function best.

Main image: The ROCLITES in the wild | Credit: INOV8

This gear news story is in partnership with our friends at INOV8.

Graham Jordison, INOV8’s Head of Product Design for Footwear, said: “The shape of the new outsole cleats are inspired by the cloven hooves of the mountain goat. Cloven hooved mammals have an almost finger-like dexterity and their split hooves – together with a hard outer shell and soft inner pad – provide incredible traction in their steep-sided, precarious habitats. We’ve looked to replicate this split hoof shape in our design.”


“Our significant research also shows that the split design helps better disperse underfoot water and so provides better grip on wet rocks. The outsole combines with the other design elements to make the new ROCLITE shoes and boots super-nimble, sticky and light,” Jordison added.

The ROCLITE range has long been championed by The Great Outdoors‘ gear team for its fast and light design, first introduced to outdoor enthusiasts 18 years ago in 2006. The INOV8 Roclite Pro G400 GTX V2 was awarded gold in TGO’s Gear of the Year Awards in the hiking boot category.

While these new iterations retain some of the key DNA that made earlier versions so successful, the footwear marks a new generation for ROCLITE which the brand says is “a different breed of beast ready to meet the next generation needs of hikers and walkers who want natural-feel footwear with lots of comfort and grip”.

The new ROCLITE grip is inspired by cloven hooves. Credit: INOV8

The new ROCLITE grip is inspired by cloven hooves. Credit: INOV8

The new foot-shaped design locks at the heel and widens at the toes, allowing feet to function naturally. The hiking boots and shoes also share a more cushioned midsole foam and flexible rock plate, giving extra comfort and protection while still enabling underfoot agility and ground feel.

Both new designs boast 6mm long STICKYGRIP rubber lugs which grip well even on mud, with total stack heights (floor to foot) of 31mm at the heel and 25mm at the forefoot. The midsole depth is 18mm (heel) / 12mm (forefoot). For our maritime climate consideration, the GORE-TEX waterproof membrane is bonded to a single piece of 3D durable air mesh, keeping water out while also allowing sweat to exit the shoe.

The new updates do add some weight to the ROCLITE line. The new, wider shape means there is simply more material on the foot and the new midsole has an increased level of cushioning over its predecessor with a slightly thicker stack height. Designers have also added a BOOMERANG footbed and a resilient ETPU compound which adds some weight.

The ROCLITE mountain goat cleats and wear indicator. Credit: INOV8

The ROCLITE mountain goat cleats and wear indicator. Credit: INOV8

These additions are designed with fit and comfort in mind and INOV8 says they give a plush underfoot feel. The average weight across the size curve of the ROCLITE GTX is 365g and the ROCLITE MID GTX is 435g.

Additional considerations for adventurers who want hard-wearing footwear have been made, such as the wear indicator that’s built into one of the cleats.

Shop the initial limited drop of the ROCLITE GTX shoe and ROCLITE GTX MID boot now via INOV8 and select retailers.