Insect repellent headwear

Buffs have been one of the great success stories in outdoor gear in recent years. Who would have thought that a simple tube of polyester could be so popular and have so many uses. I’ve had a Buff (or two or three) for quite a few years and often use it as a scarf or hat or even a balaclava. In summer it’s usually the only headwear I carry as it’s warm enough but not too hot for cool evenings.buff
This year I’ve been trying the High UV with Insect Shield Buff, which is said to offer at least 93% protection from harmful UV rays and to repel midges and ticks and other creepy-crawlies. This summer the UV protection hasn’t really been tested – the clouds have proved all too effective at shielding me from the sun. The insect shield has proved useful however. The active component is permethrin, an insecticide.
Its main use has been in discouraging the clouds of flies that have been all too common this summer. These don’t bite but they are very irritating when they buzz round your head. I’m sure the Insect Shield repels midges as well but if they’re around I use insect repellent on any bare skin. The Buff does stop midges crawling into my hair.
Overall I can’t tell the difference between a standard Buff and this one. Given that if I’m using a Buff in the summer then having the Insect Shield and UV protection seems a good idea as it has no disadvantages. It only weighs 39 grams and scrunches up into a tiny bundle so there’s no reason to leave it behind.