A comfortable way to carry a CSC camera & lenses

If you want to take many photographs during walks your camera needs to be accessible. For many decades now I’ve carried mine in a padded case slung across my body. Sometimes I have two such cases, the second carrying a second camera or another lens. Sometimes I clip a lens in another case to the camera strap – this isn’t comfortable for very long. A bag that holds a camera and a lens or two plus accessories would be ideal but most camera bags are too bulky and aren’t comfortable when wearing a pack. The Thule Covert CSC Sling is the first one I’ve tried that works well.thule-2
Essentially the CSC Sling is a zipped bumbag-like pouch with a removable ‘pod’ for camera and lenses. As the name suggests it’s designed for a CSC camera such as my Sony a6000 rather than a bigger DSLR. The pouch has a toughened base; padded back; two zipped front pockets, one with internal compartments; side compression straps; base straps (which will hold a small tripod); water-resistant zips; and an internal padded compartment. Thule says the last is for an iPad Mini – it will hold other small tablets as well!
The zip-closed pod is well-padded and quite firm. The base has dual-density padding for extra protection. Inside the pod are three adjustable padded dividers that Thule says are inspired by origami and which can be folded round lenses to protect them. The soft inner fabrics of the pod are pale in colour to make finding small items easy. There’s also a stretch mesh pocket on the front of the pod.
The Sling has an adjustable strap with a padded shoulder section that can be moved for left or right shoulder carry when the bag is carried across the body.
Thule says the Sling holds a CSC body and up to four lenses or a flash and accessories. I found that to be true as long as the lenses aren’t too big. With careful maneuvering of the dividers I fitted in the a6000 with attached 16-50mm lens plus 55-210mm, 10-18mm, and 30mm lenses. It does take a little time to arrange the dividers but once done gear fits securely and is well-protected. I found it easiest to remove the pod and fit my camera and lenses and then replace it in the pouch.
With two zips to undo accessing camera and lenses isn’t quick. However much of the time the pod zip can be left undone. Only if rain or dust threatens would I bother closing it. The Sling is water-resistant rather than waterproof but I think it would take a lot of heavy driving rain to get through both the bumbag and the pod.
I found the Sling comfortable to carry as a cross-body sling and, although at an angle, the contents felt secure when the zips were open. It’s okay as a bumbag too though I much prefer it as a sling.
The CSC Sling is quite heavy at 760 grams and not that cheap but it is very well made and should last a long time.
Price: £85