The latest post in Chris Townsend’s weekly gear column

This is the time of year for warm hats. And as warm hats go the Snugpak Snugnut is really, really warm. Probably the warmest hat I’ve ever worn in fact.
It’s filled with a thick layer of Softie synthetic insulation, as used in Snugpak’s sleeping bags. There’s a windproof outer and a soft lining that feels very comfortable. Huge side flaps meet under the chin so only the face is left exposed. Two fairly stiff straps tie the flaps together. These don’t have a drawcord and aren’t that easy to tie with cold fingers. I’d rather have thinner cord and a cordlock.
The Snugnut also has a small peak that can be fastened out of the way. This isn’t stiffened and can flop down and impede vision slightly. I don’t think it’s really needed.
The warmth of the Snugnut means I can only imagine walking in it in extreme cold. What it’s good for is carrying for rest stops and for wearing in camp and a sleeping bag on cold nights. Indeed it is more like a sleeping bag hood than most hats. It weighs 106 grams, which is light for the warmth provided, and packs away into a tiny stuffsack.
Snugpak describe the style as ‘deer-stalker’. I think it’s more Canadian Trapper. I can’t see Sherlock Holmes wearing this! There’s only one size, which fits me well but might feel a bit loose on those with smaller heads.