How to reduce the noise of a roarer burner

The Primus Omnilite TI is one of the lightest multi-fuel stoves there is but it’s still powerful and efficient. The stove itself weighs 222 grams and is all you need if using butane/propane canisters though I’d always add the 65 gram windscreen and 21 gram heat reflector. If using a liquid fuel like white gas or paraffin the 104 gram pump and 90 gram fuel bottle are also needed.

I first tested the Omnilite TI five years ago (see detailed review here) and I was impressed. Recently I’ve been using it again with the Silencer burner, which wasn’t available in 2013. The burner supplied with the Omnilite Ti is a traditional roarer burner, not unlike that on the original pressure stove invented by Primus back in the nineteenth century. It works well but, as the name suggests, it’s really loud, drowning out other sounds, including voices if you’re sitting near it.  The Silencer stops this.

The Silencer is easy to fit. Just unscrew the standard burner and screw it in place. It can be used with white gas or butane/propane but not diesel or paraffin. I haven’t noticed any decline in performance using the Silencer and the quiet is nice – though I do miss the sudden peace when you turn the roarer burner off!

The standard burner weighs 38 grams, the Silencer 62 grams, so it adds 24 grams to the total weight, which isn’t significant. The extra cost is hefty however. Is it worth it? If you run the stove for any length of time it will certainly make your camps quieter and more peaceful.

OmniLite  £215   Silencer £52