A functional lightweight headlamp

The Edelrid Cometalite is a lightweight (94 grams with batteries) and compact headlamp that’s easy to use. There are two LEDs, red and white, and power output is 40-165 lumens, depending on the mode, with burn times from 6 to 45 hours. There is a battery life indicator and a lock, activated by pressing the button six times. Power is provided by three AA batteries. The adjustable headband is quite wide and the Cometalite is comfortable to wear. Changing the batteries is simple.

There are three white light modes – high, medium, and eco. The last presumably named because the batteries last longer as it has the lowest output. In fact, with new batteries the eco mode is adequate for most uses. Of course, as the batteries fade so does the output and it soon becomes too dim for walking except on clear paths. Cycling through the modes is easy, each requiring a single button press. A double press in any of the white modes or when the power is off switches to the red light. Whichever mode is on when you switch the headlamp off comes on first when it’s switched on again. The beam is a flood with a slightly brighter spot in the centre.

The price of the Cometalite is good and it’s an adequate lightweight headlamp. The battery life isn’t as good as some alternatives however. I wouldn’t use it for long walks on winter nights but for camping and summer use it’s fine.