Environmentally- friendly products from Berghaus

Last year Berghaus’s Eco Wovens range of garments was Highly Commended in the Sustainability category of the TGO Awards due to the environmentally-friendly manufacturing process. Now Berghaus has expanded this category under the new Made Kind label, which will appear on products that have less environmental impact due to the materials they’re made from or the processes involved.
There are three criteria for the Made Kind tag and products must meet at least one of these – be made from recycled materials, be made from a Bluesign approved fabric, which means it meets rigorous conditions regarding the chemicals used (Berghaus was the first British company to join the Bluesign system), or be made with the award winning Colourkind process. Berghaus says it is particularly concerned about water usage as scarcity of this essential resource is an increasing problem due to population growth and increased industrialisation. Using the Colourkind process Made Kind garments, including last year’s Eco Woven ones, reduce fresh water consumption by 89% compared to standard fabrics along with 63% chemical savings and 62% reduced CO2 emissions. The main way this is achieved is by putting the fabrics through fewer dyeing stages, which have high water usage and produce the most pollutants.

Ortler SS Shirt - Granite Marl

The Ortler

So far Made Kind applies to warm weather clothing. Last year I tried the Explorer Eco Long Sleeve Shirt which I found comfortable, breathable and quick drying. The shirt has a bright pattern and after a few washes this is still sharp and clear. The Colourkind process seems just as permanent as any other. New products this year include more shirts for men and women with the name Ortler and some wicking Argentium t-shirts with the name Voyager (top image)
This initiative by Berghaus is excellent. Hopefully it will be extended to more of the Berghaus range, including some of the more technical products, and other companies will follow suit.
Further details from Berghaus here.