This week’s top reads from our Blogger Network: the other Welsh Carneddau, Warnscale Head bothy and Hay Stacks, recovering from an injury, and is backpacking sustainable?

  • What should I do now? (Tom Smallwood, The Armchair Mountaineer) – Tom faces some difficult choices about the future of his outdoor activities after an injury.
  • The Welsh Carneddau (The Other Ones!) (Andy Jones, Surfnslide) – a trip report from some pleasant and less-frequented Welsh hills.
  • Warnscale Head bothy + climbing Hay Stacks (Hannah James, Hannah Outside) – “This little mountain has always had people it in its thrall but for some reason I’ve never felt the urge to go and climb it for myself, despite it being renowned as Alfred Wainwright’s favourite peak.”
  • Is Backpacking a Sustainable Hobby? (Hendrik Morkel, Hiking in Finland) – Hendrik examines how sustainable backpacking really is, and offers some simple ways to reduce your impact.