Today on the Blogger Network, we feature Kate Hopper’s guide to climbing Suilven from the blog Love, from Scotland
Suilven is one of Scotland’s most iconic mountains, but it’s no pushover. There’s a big walk-in, and the climb itself involves steep uphill walking and scrambling. Fortunately, Suilven is worth it, as Kate Hopper demonstrates in her recent post.
Her blog Love, from Scotland is full of accessible guides to travel in Scotland, above and beyond just hillwalking. But it’s clear that Suilven pushes the writer’s buttons:

Suilven has just been the star of the hollywood movie Edie – a film with the message is that it is never too late to challenge yourself. It might sound trite, but for me climbing Suilven marked the end of a decade that had had some incredible ups and heartbreaking and life-changing downs. Climbing Suilven was not just a challenge to see if I had the physical strength to get to the top (and the long walk back!) but a chance to say goodbye to a lot of things. Mountains are good for that and Suilven is one of the best.

We can’t help but agree.
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