Today our featured post from the TGO Blogger Network is a backpacking trip report from Arctic Sweden
Christine Crowther writers about backpacking and day walks in the UK and further afield, often joined by husband Geoff Crowther and their dogs. Christine and Geoff have recently returned from a wild backpacking trip through Sarek, taking in part of the famous Kungsleden trail – and dodging mosquitos along the way.
Read the full trip report here: part one / part two.
Since being rather poorly a few weeks back however, with suspected Lyme Disease, I was still having the occasional Difficult Day, so principally to cater for me we turned the trip into more of a Slackpack than a Mega Challenge, ending up doing essentially two ‘out and back’ trips rather than the original circuit taking in the bush whacking jungle of either the Rapa Valley or the Gallakjahka Valley.
We’d started our route out of Kvikkjokk on the Kungsleden, but hadn’t gone far today before we turned off and left it for a few days, seeking out the wilder terrain of Sarek itself.
Image © Christine Crowther