This is a very roomy bivi bag, especially at the head, which is very wide

This means there’s space for a fair amount of gear inside with you and ample room for a winter sleeping bag. A sleeping mat easily fits inside because the lower part of the bag isn’t tapered. The long two-way zip makes getting in and out easy and the wide flap protects it well.

I was concerned that fastening the Velcro strips from inside would be difficult but in fact these close naturally as the zip is done up. There is a small ventilation hole at the end of the zip above your face but the inside here does get quite warm and clammy from your breath when fully closed. I would leave the top part of the zip undone in all but the most severe weather. Breathability otherwise is okay.

The cost is quite low but the weight is on the high side. The packed size is a bit larger than for similar bags, probably due to the large hood.