Though these pants are not the lightest here, the nylon shell fabric feels rugged and durable. Full-length zips run the length of the outside legs, easing the process of pulling the pants on over footwear, especially chunky winter boots and crampons. The side zips aren’t that useful as vents, however, as the waist’s elastication pulls the zip tops apart, and the simple Velcro tabs that hold them together can’t be relied on when the zips are partially opened (that characteristic will, of course, vary depending on how well your waist fi lls the space available). The Striders are mesh-lined throughout – so watch those crampons carefully – and the two small hand pockets are also mesh-lined which allows minimal venting.

There’s plenty of room at the ankle for encompassing bulky footwear, and sufficient Velcro strip for closing the ankles snugly around your footwear.

I found the pants reasonably comfortable but the articulated knees were compromised somewhat by the stiffness of the side zips.