Fiona Russell says The North Face 100 Glacier ¼ zip fleece is simple, reasonably effective and much cheaper than other mid-layers on the market.

The North Face 100 Glacier ¼ zip fleece is a simple and straightforward fleece that is easy to wear and scores a plus-point for being made of 100% recycled polyester, it features in our guide to the best fleeces. The medium size fits me quite neatly, so I recommend you buy a size larger than you would normally choose. The shape is a bit square and not that flattering.

Price: $70 | £60 (available from The North Face & AlpineTrek) | Weight: 189g (Medium) | Materials: 100% recycled polyester fleece | Hood: No | Front Closure: quarter zip | Pockets: No | Hem: Elasticated | Cuffs: Elasticated | Men’s version: Yes | Sizes: XS-XL and plus sizes

The micro-fleece is really soft against the skin, and it stretches with the body as you move, which made it comfortable.

I found it a very warm mid-layer, especially when worn under a waterproof shell so it’s best reserved for colder days. Being too warm made me sweat and while the fleece didn’t get too damp, the inside of my outer jacket did end up a bit wet.

It’s a fleece I have chosen to use many times as an outer layer on cool but not freezing days and it does provide some wind-proofing simply because it’s quite a thick material.

The problem with microfleece is it quickly loses its plush look and while this jacket doesn’t pile, it did end up a bit flat and rough after only a few wears. Fortunately, the fleece still does a good job of insulating.

There are many more technical fleeces on the market but for something that is simple and works, The North Face 100 Glacier is a reasonable buy and much cheaper than the other mid-layers I’ve tested. A wide range of colours is available.