As part of his two-person tents review for the May 2021 issue of The Great Outdoors, Chris Townsend tests out the Terra Nova Laser Compact All Season 2

The Laser Compact All Season 2 is a tough two-person tent that pitches as a unit and is designed for use year-round. Terra Nova has combined the single hoop design of the Laser with the fabrics of the Quasar, which is why this tent looks like a standard Laser but is a fair bit heavier. The hydrostatic head of the flysheet fabric is the equal highest of the tents tested, and the hydrostatic head of the groundsheet is the second highest. The poles and zips are heavier-duty than on standard Lasers and there are three guylines at each end for stability. If necessary, you can double-pole the tent.

The All Season 2 pitches as a unit and can be erected quickly. The inner is the longest of all the tents tested. However, the headroom is equal lowest – I can just sit up in it; a tall person couldn’t – and it has the narrowest groundsheet. It’s so narrow in fact that with two mats in use, one overlaps the other along the whole length. For two small and friendly adults or an adult and a child the space might be okay. I’d find it cramped with two.

As a roomy solo tent for year-round use it would be fine, but I think it’s a stretch to call it a two-person tent.

Whilst it only has one porch it does have two doors so each occupant can get in and out without disturbing the other. The porch isn’t that deep, but the inner can be pulled back to give more room if necessary.

This is a good tent that’s quite light for the toughness of the materials. I don’t think it’s a two-person one though.