The latest version of Snugpak’s Chrysalis bag has the well-established Softie fi ll plus a couple of innovations. The fi rst is a small LED light in the top of the hood. This can be useful if you need a light suddenly in the night but can be switched on accidently if you turn over and press it against your sleeping mat as the push-button switch is quite sensitive. The other new feature is an  extra panel that can zipped in or out, giving the bag two widths. The bag is quite roomy anyway, and with the panel in place it’s very spacious. However the panel can’t be removed and when it isn’t used it hangs down inside and the zip can be felt against the skin. In other respects the bag has a comfortable hood and a shoulder baffle but no zip baffle. The warmth should be okay for warm sleepers in summer. I do like Snugpak’s realistic picture of the Chrysalis 1, which shows what thin synthetic bags really look like. Most companies use pictures in which the bags look inflated.