The Field has been the compass I’ve used most for many years. I like the simplicity and the small size. Silva describe it as an “entry level” model. Maybe my navigation has never progressed any further! However much as I like the Field I do think the latest model is quite expensive compared with the Suunto A10 and Silva’s own Ranger, which only costs £5 more but has a longer base plate, luminous markings and a magnifier. The current Field does have a new rubberised grip on the bezel that’s nonslip and easy to use with gloves, a declination scale on the base plate below the housing and an easily detached lanyard (not that the old tied-on one was a problem). However the Ranger has all three of these and the A10 has the declination scale, which is the most useful of them. As a basic compass the Field is fi ne but I think there are better choices.