As part of his review of the best two-person tents, Chris Townsend tests the Sierra Designs Meteor 3000 2P

Sierra Designs is an American company, but the Meteor range of tents is specifically designed for the European market and features green flysheets (research showed that’s what us Europeans want) plus a higher hydrostatic head on the flysheet and ground sheet along with solid inner walls to increase resistance to wind and rain. The result is an excellent dome tent with plenty of room for two and two big porches. A short ridge pole makes for good headroom in the centre of the tent – one of the best of all the tents tested – and creates steep walls. The top of the inner is made of mesh. The fly can be half-rolled up on dry nights so you can watch the stars from inside and quickly rolled back down if the weather changes. There are high vents to let warm moist air out when the fly is fully closed.

The weight of the Meteor 3000 2P is fine for two people, especially given the space and the two doors. It can be pitched quickly with the dome being formed by a single hub pole with four arms then the ridge pole running over the top of it. The inner clips onto the poles. It can be pitched flysheet-first and then the inner clipped in place from inside if it’s raining – though this is a little awkward.

This is one of the roomiest tents in our review of two-season tents and the cost is quite low so it’s an excellent choice.